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Cake Information

Cakes Sizes & Servings


6 inches (serves 4-6)

8 inches   (serves 10-12)

9 inches   (serves 16)

10 inches   (serves 20-22)

12 inches   (serves 25-30)



1/4 sheet   (serves 20-24)

1/3 sheet   (serves 25-30)

1/2 sheet   (serves 45-50)

3/4 sheet   (serves 60)

Full Sheet   (serves 80-100)


Showcase Cakes

Entirely Chocolate

Chocolate cake, chocolate butter-cream filling and icing.


Mocha Cake

Chocolate cake, mocha butter-cream filing and icing toped with ganache.


Marble Cake

Chocolate cake, raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream filing, vanilla butter-cream and ganache icing swirl.


Lemon Cake

Vanilla cake, lemon cream filing and icing.


Raspberry Mousse

Vanilla cake, raspberry mousse filing and icing. 


Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Vanilla cake, raspberry jam and chocolate mousse filing, raspberry butter cream icing. 


Fruit Basket Cake

Vanilla Cake, strawberries, bananas peaches and whipped cream filing, whipped cream icing (seasonal)


Raspberry Ganache

Chocolate cake, raspberry mousse filing, chocolate ganache icing. 


Chocolate mousse

Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filing, chocolate ganache icing.


Princess Cake

Vanilla Cake, raspberry jam and vanilla custard filing, covered in shipped cream and rolled marzipan (almond paste) icing.  


Strawberry Short Cake

Vanilla cake, strawberries and whipped cream icing, whipped cream icing (seasonal).


Orange Blossom

Vanilla cake, strawberries and whipped cream filing, orange butter cream icing (seasonal).


Chocolate Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate mouse or raspberry mouse filling and cream cheese icing. 


Cake Layer Flavors

Chocolate,  Chocolate Red Velvet orVanilla



Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet or Carrot



Any flavors in butter cream  or red velvet


• 2-3 days notice for most cupcake orders.  Minimum of 12 order for all cupcakes




Butter cream or whipped cream



Butter Cream or plain whipped cream



Butter cream or whipped cream



Butter cream


Chocolate Mocha Mix

Butter cream only



Butter cream or whipped cream





Chocolate, vanilla and rum flavors


Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Strawberries, bananas, assorted berries etc.




Butter cream or whipped cream



Butter Cream or plain whipped cream



Butter cream or whipped cream



Butter cream


Chocolate Mocha Mix

Butter cream only


Chocolate Ganache 



(almond paste)



(sugar paste used with butter cream)


Specialty Cakes

Saint Honoree

Vanilla cake, rum custard filling, whipped cream sides, tiny rum custard filled puffs on top with ganache drizzle.


Sacker Torte 

Chocolate cake, raspberry jam and marzipan filing ganache icing


Boston Cream Pie

Vanilla cake, vanilla custard filling, ganache icing.


Strawberry Boston

Vanilla cake, strawberries and vanilla custard filling, whipped cream icing


Black Forest Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate whipped cream and cherry pie filing, whipped cream icing, chocolate shavings on top and maraschino cherries for top border.


Hawaiian Wedding Cake

Vanilla cake, vanilla custard filing, whipped cream icing, seasonal berries and fruits on top with apricot glaze topping.


German Chocolate 

Chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream and German chocolate mix filing, ganache sides and German chocolate mix toping.


Carrot Cake

Carrot cake, cream cheese filing and icing.


Champagne Cake

Vanilla cake, champagne custard filling, champagne drizzle, whipped cream or butter cream icing, white chocolate cravings for decoration.  



At least 2 days notice (48 hours) for most cake orders, the bigger or more complex the cake the more notice


50% deposit required for cake orders over $50


24 hour cancellation notice required or face loss of deposit on larger cakes (special circumstances understandable)


For same day orders call 2-4 hours in advance and check for availability on cakes.  Orders must be aid in advance.


Delivery available within the town of Sonoma with a two week notice and possible charge for delivery.


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